Hello Alfisti,

So recently started issue with the Bose subwoofer from factory (its Ti version), I am not sure what is happening but subwoofer working fine in cold start - the front one in the main panel under windshield and also in the trunk. As i said, the subwoofers are working fine sometimes for 10 seconds from start of engine or sometimes for 1 minute, then they just starts randomly playing and disconnecting. This happened once also on highway when i run over little bump and whole system start playing fine. Beside that, trunk subwoofer and the front one wont work. Also have New Navi radio so i am not sure if i can check or test all speakers through settings(saw videos with little older one). I am pretty new in Alfa and cars also. Not sure where to start. Maybe check for connectors going into Radio if there is good +V ? Does anyone faced same issue ?

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