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    Domyślnie terrible blows when you download a hot engine


    The problem is as follows: from time to time when booting up warm engineand my Alpha gets very violent shocks, which do not even know to czgo compare ... Something like smoked for 2 cylinders? The sounds of the attention of the entire environment.
    If any of you had to deal with something like that?
    (the course is just 65 tkm)

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    Welcome to. A friend had a similar problem as you. During the firing, first of all warm engineand, the engine received the violent upheavals. The first thing we think of is candles. However, the candles were ok. Then after verification in ASO It came out that he fell him dwumas. After replacing the dwumasu never he happened to to the engine fired badly. Always equally and readily takes to boot. I do not know, maybe it was dwumas.

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    Same ALFICE


    Weak battery?
    Buy Lancia Y 1.2-health.

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    And flap extinguishing you cut?
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    Quotation Wrote cows Zobacz post

    The problem is as follows: from time to time when booting up warm engineand my Alpha gets very violent shocks, which do not even know to czgo compare ... Something like smoked for 2 cylinders? The sounds of the attention of the entire environment.
    If any of you had to deal with something like that?
    (the course is just 65 tkm)
    1. Start the car holding the clutch pressed all the time after zastartowaniu the engine. If the shock will be less, than at the time when you are doing the same thing, letting go of the clutch immediately after activating the-is to check the wheel twoASOin.
    2. If you have the sounds of przypinające something a la rattling from the area (will be diminished when pressing the clutch)-it's been on 99% dwumasówka.
    3. As a precaution, check the status of the pillows under the engine and transmission.
    WWW.AUTKA.PL - comprehensive car service

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    I saw that you already read my thread
    and really start from the battery because it is not popped throughout the year, none of the mechanicthat and it is a simple matter for verifiable and without the cost of the. Purge also exactly plug, remove the cable mASOyou and clean up the place. I will mention that I would put the battery with another but it was the battery from a yacht that turned out to be too bad but then did not know about it and it made me. You can also quickly check with another drive by connecting cables, for me was a noticeable difference. Write the results of the test. Completely forgot about the important issue which is the process of launching our "bezawaryjnych" amazingly beautiful. Auto fires only after the pressing the brake or the clutch and then push the clutch and start. I noticed a big difference when zapalałem immediately after the light goes out. Have written about this a few people on the forum.

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    Domyślnie :-(

    I have replaced today tentatively on the new battery. Unfortunately no change:-(
    Basically a shock when booting would be even to swallow, but this is strange from time to time trzaskająco-Angel firing on a hot engineis difficult to accept.
    I thought that I know this engine ... Business I am doing appear as large polygonal squames Opel runs 120 KM 8V, and it's the same thing so much that the 16V.
    What a paradox-privately I only alpha. I went through the models commonly considered the most and nothing. And here the first wear-free Alpha as unwelcome surprises.
    What do you deal? Go in a circle twoASOin?
    Best regards

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    And if you put a strong battery with a large shock boot and przeczyścileś contacts? I do not know if you've tried to fire after the message, that you can turn on the start. If these treatments do nothing to help that we sympathize because I know how annoying is the szarpiąco-zgrzytający. A colleague working in ASO last mentioned that he koilNY copy with this problem and remedy and the cause was not the battery. Probably in the near future I will be with him saw and I'll try to find out the details but do not want to reveal their prescriptions.
    What to dwumasy whether you feel any vibration-an earthquake engineand on low speed for 1 runs at a gentle moving, turning with a turnover of approx. 900-1000 rpm. I just started after replacing the used (which would be ideal) until telepało even on the 3rd gear with the revs ok 2000 then I like after the racetrack "unpopulated" episode and the dwumasy was a jednomasa but lighting up at this point was perfect. From what I read on dwumasy that it gives all kinds of symptoms. One thing is certain, namely, invalid boot has a very large impact on the lifespan of the flywheel.
    I spoke a week before replacing the battery with the master in carserwisie and said that it already had such cases. Bought more powerful motor dedicated to the version on the Scandinavian markets and apparently this solution gave the Council. Nothing more today I can't tell but I can suggest spotCana if you're in-you or the surrounding area and I could listen to if that's what it was for me.

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    I put a new battery Centers; the fact that not cleaning my contacts, but there seemed to be contaminated.
    I think about the starter, because it would seem logical. The previous owner used it mainly to drive around the city, and lives in a small town so Alpha was often fired and extinguished.
    If your friend has some as certain patent and would be willing to share it, you will surely repay the right way:-) Not would break it by this market-I live 250 km from Warsaw.
    I work for the company from Grodzisk Mazowiecki in which sometimes I visit. If in the coming weeks, not namierzę fault, it'll ask you to spotCana you assessed whether it is the same thing as in your Alpha.
    In General, the case for me is ambicjonalna; I find a bug, even if I had a long look. Do not give satisfaction to the owners of Helmutów, who, after all, the most "know" about Alfach.

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    Of course, I'll try to find out from a friend mechanicand details but I can't promise anything. Since it is not the battery is of course then it is best to check the Starter did not cut because then the sound is little curious. For me after inserting a new original Starter was better literally on a moment but even now when I normally fires it seems to be that the Starter should less spin. I have to compare with another 1.9 JTDM. If you choose to exchange it can look for a more powerful 3 kW (serialized as I remember 1.8 or 2) on the Scandinavian markets as told me the master of carserwisu.
    I also take the matter to the ambicjonalnie and shadowed theme the cost of theowało me not a little. Naturally I had a moment of doubt last fall and I've thought about selling the car to what even encouraged me service technicians who have had enough of this copy and me

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