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    Lightbulb PabloGarage - post-war workshop of mainly Italian and other cars also

    A lot of us here know, but still I decided to write this post.
    We have extensive experience gained in many years of experience in ASOand through the holding of workshops.

    We offer our customers a wide range of services:
    Mechanical repairs in a very wide range, repair enginethe transmissions, valve timingy, suspension, braking systems, service oilpink
    - Wholesale and retail sale part of the automotive and oil and batteries
    Swaps the transmission system. pads, on own projects and clients
    - Welding systems, intake and exhaust valves stainless steel, IP
    - "Repair" ecology in the modern the enginech diesel
    - Deleting the tumble flaps in the intake manifolds 1.9 and 2.4 JTDM
    Diagnosis computerit is basically the climate. e-in Hatach
    - Flocking in principle, and whatever the client can imagine
    Service Klimaconditioning systems
    - Installation LPG
    - Periodic inspections of registration
    - The ability to check the vehicle before buying.

    We are looking forward for a VAT Invoice or paragon on made repairs.
    Preliminary estimate of repair costs.


    Tel: 502 25 25 20
    Tel: 13 31 88 355


    Z P R A S Z A M Y

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    >>>SKLEP <<<- did not find the product you are interested in? Write to us and we will certainly match the offer.

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